Cross Platform Media

Over the past few years cross-platform media has become increasingly important.  What started as simply something video game and software developers worried about is now a global phenomenon.  Cross platform media is considered the best way to ensure your message is heard on all levels.  Companies advertise on TV, radio, in newspapers, and now online […]

Controversies surrounding the changing Music Industry

Some facts and background: –          There is a big hue and cry about the death of music –          Money not being spent on music is spent on the hardware to play that music –          25% decline in revenues from 1996 to 2008 worldwide –          30 countries account for 90% of the sales United States United […]

The Business of Radio Broadcasting


Radio Content – Always Evolving During one of our recent William & Mary Mason School of Business Junto Discussion Group meetings, I decided to take the members out of the classroom.  In fact, I took them out of the building and over to Swem Library.  Why the library?  In the basement of the Swem building, […]

Professional Sports Television Contracts

Drawing from several years of experience in professional and collegiate sports media, I presented the topic of professional sports television contracts to our Junto. I also used extensive information from a presentation by former ABC Sports president Jim Spence that I listened to earlier this semester. I started with a general overview of television networks […]


Riveting discussion of online piracy and its impacts; $51 Billion on software (2009) and $12 Billion on music (2007). Also discussed the Stop Online Piracy Act (USA), also know as SOPA. It would: •allow the DOJand copyright holders to: •seek court orders against websites outside U.S. jurisdiction •bar online ad networks and payment facilitators from […]

Ultra Music Festival in Downtown Miami: The Business of Music

Ultra Music Festival - Miami, Florida

Ultra Music Festival is an annual festival of the best in DJs from around the world, featuring music from a variety of genres including house, techno, dubstep and more.  The festival draws sell out crowds annually to a scenic waterfront park in downtown Miami, where scores of music fans enjoy one of the biggest sound, […]

Lions Gate breaks through with ‘Hunger Games’

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In a first for Lions Gate, the film company breaks through with a blockbuster opening weekend film with ‘Hunger Games’.  Grossing 214 million in a single weekend, ‘Hunger Games’ represents a windfall for the tiny film company, also known for series such as ‘Saw’.  Check out the Reuters article on the big money figures.  

New Windows 8 Cross-Platform Impact on Media Delivery

What will be the impact of the new Windows 8 platform on the media industry?

The Death of Print?


Is print advertising going the way of the dodo?  It definitely looks that way.  Check out this graph, this article and the charts associated with it.

The Film Industry: Overview

We discussed the history of film, the development of film studios, and what impact films have on society.  We went over the origins of film and the first United States film studio opening in 1911 in Hollywood, CA. With significant advancements in color and sound, we saw the further development of the movie experience. The […]